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Privacy Policy

DAIYA Corporation is commited to protecting your privacy. Along with the rigid adherence of privacy law, we handle personal information based following on policies.

Definition of Personal Information

The term of "personal information" means information about a customer which can identify the specific customer by name, address, an email address, purchase history and phone number. It also includes any information that can be used with other information to identify the individual.

About Information we collect

When you visit TIMELESS TOKYO website, you do not need to provide any information and can keep your anonimity. However, when you register on our site, create an account to purchase our item(s), contact us and evaluate purchased items, we will ask you to provide personal information about your name, address, phone number, and email address etc. For more detailed information about how we use and manage the collected information, please refer to the following.

How we use collected information

DAIYA corporation may use information about you infollowing purposes:

  • To issue an invoice for ordered item(s) and deliver the item(s). (Ex: payment information such as designated credit card number and bank account number etc.)
  • To confirm order and shipping options.
  • To provide you with new products and services.
  • To improve and optimize our service, users' options, questioner results, and network trafficking data may be used.
  • To conduct user survey
  • For convenient purposes, you login information will be retained through the use of cookies. It is optional to keep your login information.

How to manage personal information

To protect your privacy and the confidentiality of your information, DAIYA corporation manages personal information by the following system: We are committed to maintaining privacy protections and the access to personal information is restricted to only our employees who require them for performing their works. However, we occasionally share information with the third party such as outsourcing company but only when we require doing so such as providing the item(s) or services. In that case, we strictly require them to comply with applicable laws and deal with information appropriately. Any personal data will be deleted after use.

About disclosure of personal information

DAIYA corporation will never provide personal information to any other parties without your consent except following cases:

  • When there is a request from other law enforcement bodies, a court, a prosecutor, the police, the Law Association, consumer center or the organizations having authority to follow them.
  • When laws and ordinances have special rules
  • When we cannnot obtain your consent becasuse we need to protect our store's right, property or service from customer's violation of laws or "Termes of Use" as well as instructions.

Furthermore, in the case we share information with the outsourcing partner such as delivery carrier in the purpose of customer service and shipping, this act is not regarded as sharing information with other third parties.

Range of Our Privacy Policy Application

Our privacy policy described above applies to our website with address and any sites with address with SSL connection.